Capturing the quality of human connections

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works, right?

Well, we believe it does and we have decided to help make it work by capturing your and your business’ Vybbe. Your Vybbe is your emotional frequency which you radiate and which others pick up. At Vybbe we truly believe positive wellbeing matters and that sometimes one of life’s stress points is the workplace. All studies point to the idea that happier staff and more fulfilled teams create greater business success. So Vybbe helps facilitate this analysis with actionable outcomes. Come Vybbe with us and see.

The Human Connection


How we connect as human beings matters; the quality of connection dictates how we feel and behave. The stronger the connection, the more we are energised and motivated.


In any organisation, the true culture lies with the level of human connection. If you can grow positive human connections, if you can amplify the Vybbe, you can build an incredible culture.


Vybbe is a revolutionary new approach to capture the quality of human connections in your organisation. It helps you to nurture a culture that builds belonging and trust.

Imagine a Vybbe World where...

Your energy lifts others and theirs lifts yours.

You bring out the best in others and they bring out the best in you.

You are better because of others and they are better because of you.

Vybbe chemistry

How people feel matters: Strong chemistry build bonds of belonging and trust.

Great cultures build caring and supportive environments.

Great cultures enables groups of ordinary people to be greater than the sum of their parts.

Great cultures, because of strong human connections, are irresistible!

The Vybbin' Engine

Vybbe captures the quality of human connections within your organization through three unique approaches.


A monthly assessment by colleagues on everyone’s persona, their “Vybbe”

Everyone in your organisation gets assessed and is involved in assessing others (Vybbin’), through all areas of your organisation. At the start of every month each person will see who will be Vybbin' them and who they will be Vybbin’. We encourage reaching out and connecting especially if there are people you don’t know; making new connections is how great societies grow. At the end of each month you will receive your Vybbe along with your team’s Vybbe and the overall Vybbe of the organisation.

My Vybbe

A one click feedback by everyone on how they feel

Once a week, the app will take a wellbeing pulse by asking everyone to assess their own Vybbe in relation to how they generally feel.


A real-time recognition stream, where anyone can thank someone.

Recognition is an important part of any great culture and through the app everyone can add a 'Thank You' and recognise a colleague for the help they have given them or their team. This live stream allows everyone in the organisation to appreciate how their colleagues are adding to the culture.

Imagine what you could do with this insight and what this insight could do for your organisation!

Entry Level

1 to 20 users Free

Standard Level

21 to 500 Users $2 per person per month

Enterprise Level

500+ Users

Wellbeing, works.

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