About Vybbe

As CEO of a global data services company, Julian Box had a mission to build a great employee culture. So Julian partnered with educational leader Carl Howarth to investigate. And one concept became very clear.

Strong individual and team connections — a sense of “belonging” for employees — are key to developing a more highly engaged workforce, a positive culture and greater business performance.

So Julian and Carl founded Vybbe, an app that employees use to identify how “connected” they feel to their fellow employees. Vybbe then aggregates this data to form a view of your culture — and who is contributing to your high-performance culture and who might need some help.

Privately owned, Vybbe has customers in Europe and North America and offices in the U.K. and Canada.

Why Vybbe

Learn more about why strong employee connections are key to your
organization's performance.


Vybbe helps organizations build a culture of belonging - where individuals have strong personal connections and deliver extraordinary results together.

We believe that leaders who care about their employees' happiness and sense of belonging, and who are courageous enough to communicate their company's Vybbe, will attract and retain the best people, unlock the potential of each employee and ultimately create the highest-performing teams.


As Vybbe Founders, we're passionate about building great workplace cultures. Our collective experiences have shown us how important a strong culture is to employees feeling engaged and inspired, and to performing at their best.

Julian Box


Vybbe Founder Julian is also the Founder and CEO of Calligo, the world’s first end-to-end managed data services provider. He brings over 30 years’ experience in helping organizations streamline operations through the innovative application of technology.

Julian has founded several other start-up companies, including VirtualizeIT, an award-winning technology company, and co-founded Virtustream Inc., a venture capital-backed cloud service provider which raised over $120M in funding from several US-based venture capital institutions and was sold for $1.2B in May 2015.

He serves on the Board of several FinTech businesses as well as working with several local schools on their technology roadmap.

Carl Howarth


Vybbe Founder Carl Howarth is Principal of Jersey College for Girls, an educational institution for girls located in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK.

Carl is a member of the Governing Body of the Institute of Law Jersey and is also a Trustee of the Jersey Employment Trust and past president of the Lions Club of Jersey. Carl holds a Bachelor of Education from Cambridge University and a MA from Leeds University.


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What our founders say

Employees with higher workplace belonging see greater success in their careers and are much more likely to recommend the organization to others.

- Julian Box

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