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Ensuring the wellbeing of employees has never been more critical. As organizations continue to move towards more flexible, often remote work environments, it can be challenging to assess if employees are managing well or having difficulty.

The MyVybbe feature encourages employees to share how they’re feeling – even those employees who are not always comfortable communicating their needs. Are they continuing to thrive? Or could they use some extra support?

MyVybbe gives your employees a voice to share how they are feeling and provides you with continuous insight into their sense of wellbeing.

How Vybbe Works

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working people

Employees want to experience the benefits of working at a company with a high frequency of good vybbes - where everyone always feels heard and valued by their peers.

The Vybbe+ feature allows everyone to exchange good vybbes in real time and provides meaningful insights on your core values and employee experience.


working people

Vybbe is a digital platform that captures the quality of connections between your employees.

Employees share the strength of their connections with a new set of colleagues each month. This data builds into an unbiased view that shows how employees are engaging with their colleagues — who is contributing to your high-performance culture — and who may need support.

MyVybbe allows employees to share their personal sense of wellbeing weekly, enabling you to provide assistance where it’s needed most.

Vybbe+ is a peer to peer recognition feature that encourages employees to celebrate contributors and teams for their good Vybbes.

Vybbing takes just minutes a month — it’s an incredibly simple, yet powerful way to gain insight into your culture.

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What our founders say

Employees with higher workplace belonging see greater success in their careers and are much more likely to recommend the organization to others.

- Julian Box

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