Livestream your company’s peer-to-peer employee recognition with Vybbe+, while accessing meaningful insights on your core values and employee experience.

Eliminate the guesswork of how to enhance company communications, celebrations, and connectivity.

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Connect with Peers

Employees want to experience the benefits of working at a company with a high frequency of good vybbes - where everyone always feels heard and valued by their peers.

That is why Vybbe+ is designed for peer-to-peer connectivity. Everyone in your company can communicate, celebrate, and connect with ease by sending or responding to a Vybbe+.

Ready to amplify your company’s good vybbes?

messaging platform
messaging platform

Interact with Peers in Real Time

The Vybbe+ user-friendly livestream encourages everyone to participate - even if they are not a Vybbe+ sender or receiver. Scroll through the feed, read, and react to the positive things going on in your company from anywhere.

  • React with a Vybbe+ emoji

  • See who reacted with what emoji to each Vybbe+ message

  • Add to the count - Vybbe+ will display the number of reactions per Vybbe+ message

emoji face
emoji face
emoji face

Highlight Core Values

Core values help communicate your company’s vybbe and vision. Clear understanding of these values will help guide employees in approaching new or challenging situations. Allowing employees to experience more success in their roles and add to the company’s overall success.

With Vybbe+, everyone can help keep your core values front and center by tagging Vybbe+ messages with one or more of your core values.

Add your core values to Vybbe+ and see how your company is living up to them daily. Which values are really resonating?

Learn How Vybbe+ Core Value Tagging Works in 60 Seconds

Access Vybbe+ Anywhere

No matter where you call work these days, you can access Vybbe+ through the Vybbe portal or on your mobile phone. Tagged individuals and teams will be notified via email and mobile phone.

No need to wait - Send and receive good vybbes in real-time with Vybbe+

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Experience the Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Recognition

  • Improves Wellbeing

    Feeling appreciated and appreciating others has a positive effect on people’s wellbeing. You never know who can really use a pick-me-up.

    Click here to learn more about the MyVybbe weekly wellbeing check-in.

  • Boosts Energy Levels

    Work is more exciting when peers celebrate the positive impact of their contributions. Peers can be inspired to keep on shining and inspiring others.

  • Sparks Connectivity

    Peer-to-peer recognition provides a new opportunity for everyone to get to know and connect with each other.

    Click here to learn more about connecting with peers through Vybbe.

  • Enhances Customer Experiences

    Assuring employees feel valued increases employee loyalty and translates into positive customer experiences.

  • Increases Employee Satisfaction and Retention

    Peer-to-peer recognition instills the sense of safety employees require to thrive in their work and with their relationships with peers. As a result, employees can experience greater satisfaction and enjoyment at work.

  • Promotes Teamwork

    Teamwork makes the dream work! When teams are recognized by peers for their contributions it reminds everyone how important collaboration is for enhanced employee and company performance.

  • Improves Wellbeing

    Feeling appreciated and appreciating others has a positive effect on people’s wellbeing. You never know who can really use a pick-me-up.

    Click here to learn more about the MyVybbe weekly wellbeing check-in.

    Capture and Share Meaningful Insights

    • Save time and filter through Vybbe+ data results by individual, team, manager, location, or group for a select date range

    • Brighten up 1:1s or group meetings by sharing insights and reports

    • Create Leader Boards - Top 5 Vybbe+ senders and receivers for a selected date range. Who’s contributing the most to your company’s vybbe.

    • Experience ‘aha’ moments on how to improve company communications, celebrations, and connectivity

    • Receive guidance and suggestions from Vybbe’s Customer Success team when needed


    Customize Reports

    There are multiple reports that can be generated for Vybbe+ and if you like, you can also export custom reports to a CSV file to view in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI, or other tools you use. Here are some commonly used reporting ideas:

    • Participation Rates

    • Top 5 Vybbe+ Senders and Receivers

    • Average Vybbe+ Sent/Received per Vybber

    What would you like to track and trend with Vybbe+ reporting?

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    Share work or non-work related messages to keep everyone in the loop. Ensure everyone has a voice and feels heard.

    messaging platform


    Appreciate your peers for their achievements or for just being themselves. Everyone deserves to feel valued for their contributions - big or small.

    messaging platform


    Get to know and connect with your peers through inclusive communication and celebrations. Everyone can experience a greater sense of belonging - regardless of their team or location.

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