White Paper

We are dedicated to continually honouring that what we do should be intrinsically informed by data and research. To that end, we have commissioned a white paper to delve deeper into the links, pitfalls and responses to happiness and wellbeing in the work place. We have focused on the true DNA make-up of businesses, it’s people and the wider structures in businesses that address notions around happiness and wellbeing. We have been buoyed by the amount of empirical data that is coming to the surface confirming our beliefs in ideas such as bottom line business does not have to suffer at the cost and time associated with addressing happiness and wellbeing in the work place. In fact it is positively to the counter. Can you put a price on maintaining a buoyant work force, you can’t afford not to were our findings. We do hope you find a Vybbe of relevance in our White Paper that resonates. Be Well.

Wellbeing, works.

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